Chapter 6 – A Path Analysis of Blended Learning

Blended or hybrid learning allows researchers to use techniques often used within the learning analytics community. Most of this research is based on frequency and duration of use of the Learning Management System (LMS) although these measures of time on task do not reflect quality of learning. Moreover, a direct cause and effect between the use of the LMS and course performance is currently assumed. Current research uses structural equation modeling to determine the complex inter-relationship between use of learning resources (LMS), regulation of learning and course performance. The findings show that the relationship between the use of resources and course performance is not as straightforward as previously assumed. Moreover, it illustrates that differences in regulation of learning influences the use of different learning resources, including different LMS tools. These internal conditions are not reflected in data of the use of these online resources, but do influence course performance eventually.

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Bos, N.R. & Brand-Gruwel, S. (2016). A Path Analysis of Self-regulation, Learning Activities, and Course Performance in a Blended Learning Course.
Manuscript submitted for publication.