Chapter 2 – Systematic Review

The purpose of this review is to provide insight into the added value recorded lectures might have on course performance. Its aim to determine under which educational conditions (field of subject, duration of the course, duration of the lecture and class size) recorded lectures might have an impact on course performance. Fourteen peer-reviewed articles were selected after an extensive search. Although the review shows that field of study has no direct impact on course performance, the deployment of recorded lectures has an impact on lecture attendance which differences between fields of subjects. Attendance mediates achievement and mainly effects groups who might already be at risk of failure. Actual use of the recorded lectures does not depend on its educational setting but arises from teacher quality and learning strategies used by students.

This chapter has been submitted for publication as:

Bos, N. R. & Brand-Gruwel, S. (2016). A Systematic Review of Recorded Lectures in Higher Education and its Influence on Academic Achievement.
Manuscript submitted for publication.